On Hold

on-holdThe On Hold Agency, the company that started it all, is still a sound component of Open Line Communications.

Why Use On-Hold Messages?

Your call-in customers deserve the same professionalism and respect as your walk-in customers. On-Hold Messaging allows you to effectively use otherwise wasted time to inform customers of new products or services, answer frequently asked questions, improve customer relations, and even sell additional products or services to a customer who called to place an order.

Look At The Facts:

  • 90% of callers will hang up within one minute if they hear silence on-hold.
  • 40% of callers will stay on-hold longer if the something to listen to.
  • 88% of callers prefer information over silence or music.
  • 12% to 20% of callers will make a purchase based on information they hear on-hold.

Here’s what our customers have said about The On-Hold Agency

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